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Join the CHEER Colorado Board of Directors

The CHEER Colorado Board of Directors is expanding! CHEER Colorado (CCO) is a nonprofit group of adult, volunteer cheerleaders who stunt and perform to raise money for local LGBTQIA+ charities. Each year, CCO selects a primary beneficiary to which to make a substantial donation. Our volunteers nominate local charities devoted to LGBTQIA+ causes, health and wellness, and inclusion and diversity.

Each Board Director serves a two-year term and is elected by a majority of current CHEER Colorado BOD membership. The Board’s primary role is organizational governance and oversight. It works directly with the Executive Director and may also work directly with other volunteers on committee work, events, or other special projects.


To apply, please click below to fill out an application. Qualified candidates will be contacted by a member of the CHEER Colorado Board of Directors for an interview.

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